Lenny Burns is an incredibly underrated talent, and true friend of LostSheep.


Hello. I’m Lenny Burns – genius, egotist, tender kinky mentalist, poet, and drunk.


I was driven to make music by the primeval germs of danger we knew as rock & roll and punk, way back before everything got all so A&R freeze-dried and devoid of identity.


Stop the rot. Strap your mind’s ear to the laboratory operating table and elevate it to the storm-bathed turrets of your Bavarian castle. Let the flash-lightning life-force of Lenny Burns zap new life into your starving musical soul. Why, you’ve been hungry so long you can’t remember the taste of fresh greatness. Let Lenny into your life. Let me in, and again you can cry: ‘It’s alive! IT’S ALIVE!’