Hello! I have just revisited the Rider Risk project I produced for the Motorcycle Council, and thought I would share some of the achievements we’ve had. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, go http://www.youtube.com/user/riderrisk/ and learn something about motorcycling! Ok, roll drums… in the last 9 months…

  • 193,000 videos watched
  • 1527 subscribers
  • 31 dislikes
  • 546 Favorites Added

The US Army has added the videos to their Combat Readiness Centre, part of the Army intranet, that’s accessed by US soldiers anywhere in the world. The Army loses more soldiers to motorcycle accidents each year than to actual combat, so they thought the Rider Risk videos would help! We were happy to give our permission. 🙂

27,000 copies of the videos were distributed on DVD with 2 Wheels magazine in Australia in January 2012.

The Irish government has asked permission to use them in TV spots over there.

The Swedish Motorcycle Coalition is using them as part of their standard training materials.

The NSW police rider training centre is also distributing them to students.

Finally, talks are underway with the Roads Authority in NSW to have a DVD copy of the videos distributed to all motorcycle learner riders in New South Wales.

I feel a sense of great satisfaction that not only are the videos well received, but that I might have helped riders improve their skills, and indirectly kept someone (or more!) out of a lot of pain somewhere in the world. Finally I’d also like to thank my motorcycle club once again for their help in making the videos, come out for a ride if you’re in Sydney!www.clubman.org.au

Riding a motorcycle is one of the best things you can do with your clothes on!

PJ Collins with youngest daughter.